Our Mission


Young Voices seeks to educate children through learning and sharing
the gift of music by nurturing a singer’s heart, mind, and soul.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Young Voices was formed in 2002 to provide an advanced avenue of choral experience to students of music.

Young Voices is currently made up of four individual ensembles with members from Indiana, Ohio, and Kentucky.

All rehearsals take place on Monday between 4:30 and 8:00 p.m.
Exact rehearsal times are dependent on choir placement.



We are still going to be providing music instruction and community for our singers. Each of our teachers will be putting together weekly lessons to help us to grow in our musical journey.




In addition, we will make available times for one-on-one virtual lessons to work on specific music or vocal technique. More on this next week.




By Monday, March 23, an initial lesson for each choir will be posted to Google Classroom. Please join Google Classroom using the link and class codes below - your directors are looking forward to teaching you online until we can be together again!


Go to Classroom.google.com to join.


Enter class code.


Preludes: ukfwelw

Kinderchor: yyv35km

Descants: m6c5occ

Cantabile: 7yctap3

Bel Canto: rziwdbj

Cantori: 6xfctex

Young Voices

Program Objectives

Musical Training - for the heart


  • Experience emotional growth and expression through music

  • Improve listening skills for tone, pitch, and quality of voice

  • Develop musicianship skills including excellent vocal and singing habits

  • Help singers develop useful and rewarding rehearsal techniques

  • Experience gradually more complex part singing

  • Cultivate a love and appreciation for all music

Educational Skills - for the mind

  • Develop music reading abilities

  • Increase personal cognitive skills

  • Learn to follow directions, to develop mental focus, and to value personal responsibilities

  • Learn a progressively more complex and varied choral music repertoire including foreign language lyrics with both sacred and secular music

Character Development - for the soul

  • Emphasis on teamwork and respect for others

  • Promote a sense of community and cherish the importance of diversity through the universal language of music

  • Develop self-confidence through performance opportunities

  • Expect high standards of excellence, discipline, and diligence

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