Google Classroom

Dear Young Voices family:

In Spring 2020 we restarted rehearsals for our Spring 2020 Semester. 


Based on recommendations from Chorus America and other industry organizations, we taught our semester in Google Classroom.


Google Classroom will remain active.  Take a look.

Go to to join. Enter class code.

Preludes: ukfwelw
Kinderchor: yyv35km
Descants: m6c5occ
Cantabile: 7yctap3
Bel Canto: rziwdbj
Cantori: 6xfctex

Thank you for your commitment, support, and trust. 

Susan Herrick, Creative Director
Kristin Suess, Executive Director
VOI Board of Directors



Men's a capella Choir


"Calon Lan"

The Welsh National Anthem

Directed by Pamela Gast

Edited by Richard Melvin

Bel Canto

Women's a capella choir


"American the Beautiful"

Directed by Trish Johnson

Edited by Richard Melvin

Cantori Virtual Choir Image.png
Bel Canto Virtual Choir Image.png