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Google Classroom will remain active.  Take a look.

Go to to join. Enter class code.

Preludes: ukfwelw
Kinderchor: yyv35km
Descants: m6c5occ
Cantabile: 7yctap3
Bel Canto: rziwdbj
Cantori: 6xfctex

Thank you for your commitment, support, and trust. 

Susan Herrick, Creative Director
Kristin Suess, Executive Director
VOI Board of Directors



Men's a capella Choir


"Calon Lan"

The Welsh National Anthem

Directed by Pamela Gast

Edited by Richard Melvin

Bel Canto

Women's a capella choir


"American the Beautiful"

Directed by Trish Johnson

Edited by Richard Melvin

Cantori Virtual Choir Image.png
Bel Canto Virtual Choir Image.png
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